Daintree Bed and Breakfast


Please play the video to get a quick introduction to this accommodation to decide if it is your style. This place is unique and many love it, but it is not for everyone. Even though this is the safest rain forest in the world, we still get people that are freaked out by all the abundance of nature all around them.

Rainforest Accommodation


This room features a hand carved queen size bed of local silky oak rainforest timber, louvred windows for natural cooling breezes, a small safe, and a private shower and toilet. Outside you have a deck and chairs to sit and relax and take in the amazing rain forest environment.

Exotic Fruit Breakfast


breakfast of exotic fruits

North Queensland's tropical climate is perfect for growing exotic tropical fruits and we are always scouring local markets and farms for the best and most exciting fruits for your breakfast. This is done buffet style on our back veranda overlooking the Daintree rain forest and we often see animals during breakfast, even the cassowary!

Relax By The Pond


daintree bed and breakfast

One great feature about this room is your private seating area overlooking the big fish pond, a great place to have a sunset drink and watch the fish and the resident turltle cruise by.

Location Of Your Room


Location of Daintree Bed and Breakfast

Room 1075 is located in the main building, with a deck overlooking the big fishpond. This room is close to communal areas but with a maximum of only four guests in the place you are not likely to be disturbed by noise. People who find the dense jungle a little scary find this room a more comfortable option than a separate cabin in the rain forest.

Book Online


You can book your accommodation online through the above booking system, or email us, or phone us on 07-40980108

We appreciate direct bookings, if you support eco-tourism you should be booking direct. Eco-tourism is not only about minimal pollution, it is also about tourism income staying with local operators. Every dollar that stays with us can be used to make this place even better, instead of 15% going to Tripadvisor, Booking.com or other multinationals.